Using When I Work

Here’s some ground rules related to the use of the “When I Work” (WIW) app.

Time Off

In WIW, there are two ways to mark yourself as unavailable for work. First is marking your preference for work under “Set My Availability”. You can set the days you prefer not to work here, and this will mark them “unavailable”. That tells the person managing the schedule of your preference. Approval is not needed for this type of request but please remember this is your preference only and may be overridden depending on business need.

The second way, and the only way to assure time off, is to submit a “Time Off Request” under “Requests & Time Off”. This blocks off time so you cannot be scheduled for a shift. Requests of this type must be approved by Robert or Darrel. WIW notifies management when these requests are made or cancelled. When you submit a time off request, please make sure you put a reason in the message box. If there's no reason, your request will be denied.

Our goal is to have the schedules published two weeks ahead of time. To do that, we need to have all time off requests submitted at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to the time you need off. This includes any recurring time off needed as well. We are unlikely to approve time off that is not submitted within this time frame. WIW has been set to not allow requests for time off that are less than 14 days prior. These requests must be made face-to-face or via a phone call with Robert. Text messages will not be accepted.

If there are days on the calendar where you have not set an unavailable preference or have not requested time off, then we are assuming you are available to work. Although we like to keep some regularity with the schedules, there are no set days off for anyone. Remember this is retail, and things change daily. All employees need to be flexible and understand that business comes first.

Clock In / Clock Out

You will be clocking in and out using the app on your phone. As an alternate method, you can use the counter computer at the stores to log into to clock in or clock out. It is much easier to do it on the app!

If you forget to log in within 5 minutes after the start of your shift, you will get a reminder on your app. Go ahead and log in and then the manager on duty will change your clock in time. Clocking out is the same.

You may not clock in more than 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift.


You will receive a notice via WIW when a schedule is published. You need to look at it and verify time off requests are accurate, and to check to see what days you are working. Once that is done each employee must accept/confirm each shift. Not accepting a shift does not release you from that shift. 

If there are any issues with a schedule you need to let Robert or Darrel know as soon as possible. Before bringing up any issue please review these rules and make sure they were followed. Once a problem has been solved a new schedule will be published and employees with shift changes will need to accept/confirm their shifts again.

Last Updated: 1/23/2019

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