Frequent Buyer Programs

The following contains important information and rules for the frequent buyer programs offered by DGH.

Many of the manufacturers of products we carry in the store have frequent buyer programs (e.g. buy 12 get one free). Dog Gone Holistic (DGH) also offers additional frequent buyer programs on brands that do not sponsor their own program. At our discretion, we extend and offer these programs to our customers. As a service to our customers, we also track the frequent buyer credits for you! 

DGH has uses an online frequent buyer tracking system called "Astro Loyalty". When we enroll you in your first frequent buyer program in Astro, you will receive and email containing links where you can set up a password on your account and download the Astro mobile app. This allows you to see your punch cards on your mobile device, if you so desire. You do not need to set up a password or download the app if you do not want too. We still track everything for you and will let you know when you are due for your free item.

The rules for these programs are set by the manufacturers and DGH has no control or leeway to bend the rules. And, rules do change from time-to-time and these rule changes do impact cards that have already been started.

Please see our home page and click on the "Astro" logo in the lower right-hand corner to see our frequent buyer programs.

In order for you to receive your free item(s) under the programs, you must provide your contact information. This includes name, mailing address, phone number and email address. If you do not want to provide this information, per the manufacturer's rules, we cannot offer you a free item under the program.

Here are the rules from the manufacturers that are most common:

  1. Purchases are tracked via digital "punch cards" in Astro.
  2. All items must be purchased at Dog Gone Holistic. We are not allowed to accept purchases (UPC's and/or receipts) from other stores. 
  3. All items required to be purchased must be purchased within 12 months of the first purchase on the card. (The time-frame varies by manufacturer.)
  4. Each manufacturer/brand has their own cards. Brands cannot be mixed on a card.
  5. For most programs, different sized products will be tracked on separate cards and cannot be combined to get a free item.
  6. Some dry food manufacturers exclude their smaller bags (e.g. 5lb. bags) from their programs.
  7. You can usually mix the varieties and flavors purchased within the brand.
  8. Food for dogs and cats are tracked separate. If you buy both, we must keep separate cards.
  9. You are required to provide your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address. We are required to provide this information to the manufacturers. If you do not want to provide this information, you will not receive any free product under the program.
  10. Your free item does not count as an item towards your next purchase requirement.
  11. Cards have no cash value. You cannot use the value of the free bag to purchase any another item.
  12. You cannot pay the difference to upgrade your free bag to a larger size (e.g. your free bag is a 5lb bag and you want to pay the difference to get a 15lb bag).

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